640,000 Dutch households lack liability insurance

Hundreds of thousands of Dutch people lack liability insurance. This means that, if they cause damage to someone else, they will likely have to pay out of pocket. This also inconveniences victims, who are often not fairly compensated after an accident, according to RTL.

Liability insurance covers harm caused to others such as dog bites or bicycle collisions. Although it is relatively inexpensive, there are around 640,000 Dutch households that have not taken it out.

This results in people calling the Juridisch Loket or legal assistance insurer ARAG with questions after accidents. “On an annual basis, there are at least a few hundred at the Juridisch Loket,” lawyer Jordy Tschur told RTL. A spokesperson for ARAG called it a “structural problem.”

Young people, such as students, are even less likely to take out liability insurance. Liability insurance is often included when people take out home insurance, but many younger people have yet to purchase a home. Others may simply not know about it, said Eddy Bauw, professor of liability law.

This could mean a person who causes an accident must pay out of pocket for damages associated with it. Or, if they do not have the money, the victim will be faced with a mountain of expenses.

“In the case of personal injury, it can really run into the thousands,” Bauw said. “For example, if you hit a medical student and he or she becomes incapacitated for work, in extreme cases you may be held responsible for all the money that someone would have earned during a career as a doctor.”

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