An entrepreneur from the Berdyuzhsky district opened a greenhouse for growing vegetables, seedlings, and herbs

An entrepreneur from the village of Polozaozerye in the southwest of Russia opened a greenhouse for growing vegetables and seedlings with the support of a microfinance fund, receiving 1 million rubles for the project.

A Tyumenskaya Line news agency correspondent told about this to the head of the peasant economy Dmitry Balushev.

“At first, the greenhouse was small with cucumbers, green onions, and seedlings being grown. The main buyers are fellow villagers and people from the district center. There were so many orders that the greenery did not have time to grow. Financial assistance went to the construction of a new greenhouse of 300 square meters,” he added.

The entrepreneur started growing greens and vegetables in November 2019. Nowadays, he sells about 60 kg of cucumbers per day in the Berdyugsky district and even expanded his range in 2022. He currently sells seedlings of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and petunias, and he plans to grow lettuce, dill, and parsley.

“I ordered the seeds from Holland, but there are good seeds and domestic production. I run the farm without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. I only use organic fertilizers since I grow cucumbers in the open field, not in hydroponics. I want the product to not only be tasty but also useful,” he mentioned.

“Running a greenhouse is such a difficult thing, and there are many nuances. It is important to choose the correct location for the greenhouse, taking into account the area’s climate. To learn this area, to apply various technologies,” he said.

As a reminder, any novice entrepreneur, less than a year has passed since the date of registration can apply for preferential financial support under the Easy Start program.

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