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Fort Lauderdale, May 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fort Lauderdale, Florida –

Fort Lauderdale, FL – BrokerCalls helps life insurance businesses achieve their sales goals by funneling pre-qualified, exclusive pay-per-call life insurance leads to insurance agents.

In one of the most competitive markets, life insurance providers are turning to BrokerCalls and their pay-per-call life insurance leads so they can be the first in line to talk to motivated customers actively seeking life insurance.

BrokerCalls High Quality Exclusive Life Insurance Leads

BrokerCalls sells live transfer leads that are completely exclusive which greatly adds to the ROI for companies using their services. As a pay-per-call model, life insurance providers buying qualified leads from BrokerCalls are able to decide how many calls they want each day with the ability to adjust their call volume at any time – helping to adjust incoming phone leads to better manage week-to-week business growth.

Online marketing campaigns are often a significant financial investment for companies looking to drum up more business. One of the first roadblocks encountered is that a successful marketing campaign often requires time to mature and may never result in a positive return on investment.

High-quality life insurance leads allow businesses to bypass the enormous amount of work and time that is needed for a marketing campaign to reach maturity and provide a steady stream of motivated clients. Life insurance providers are discovering the tremendous value in taking advantage of the extensive marketing campaigns that BrokerCalls already has in place. The company also has a powerful affiliate marketing program in place to funnel more motivated customers to BrokerCalls’ clients.

Businesses that have partnered with BrokerCalls and are receiving pay-per-call life insurance leads are able to better focus their efforts on converting inbound calls to sales as opposed to cold-calling unmotivated customers.

This results in a cascading effect where not only can sales teams focus on converting quality leads but they are also able to gain valuable insight into the market, their target audience, and how to better serve their target market thanks to the state-of-the-art call tracking software that BrokerCalls also supplies.

Combined with the ample assistance BrokerCalls offers each client, which includes account managers to help make the most of their services, the life insurance companies that are buying leads through BrokerCalls are seeing monumental growth as they reach and exceed their sales goals.

BrokerCalls is a results-driven service because of its pay-per-call setup. It gives life insurance providers the control they need to improve their sales without long-term commitments that would lock them into an agreement that may not be working out in their favor.

Any company looking for a way to bypass the tedious process of online marketing so they can focus on the real goal of improving sales can contact BrokerCalls at any time to learn how they can help one’s business grow. Call (855) 268-3773 or visit to learn more.


For more information about Broker Calls, contact the company here:

Broker Calls
Bianca Toyos
3323 West Commercial Blvd, Suite 260, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309


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