CWA Digitals to Train 1000 Entrepreneurs on Revenue Growth, Digital Sales

Kayode Tokede

The Founder/ Managing Director, CWA digitals, Mr. Ekene Ozoilo has disclosed that the marketing and sales company plans to train 1000 entrepreneurs in 2022, stressing that the firm has helped businesses to grow in strategic digital marketing.

Speaking at the ‘360 selling system business bootcamp’ in Lagos, Ozoilo noted that the firm is focused on training entrepreneurs to drive revenue, which is essential in boosting profit.

According to him, “No matter the products and services, if an entrepreneur fails to drive sales, his good intentions of making profit comes to nothing. It is revenue that keeps the business in operation. We have been helping businesses to grow their revenue. We have taken a company from generation million to billions of Naira within 14 months.

“We wanted to do more and reasoned we have created a 360-degree selling system for predictable and consistent sales for entrepreneurs. We carried the existing system and pulled it into a business for our participants at the bootcamp. We give entrepreneurs online and offline selling systems that are adopted into a new business at the bootcamp and it is integrated.”

Speaking on challenges, he noted that entrepreneur always complained about economy related challenges,

He said, “Economic challenges are not the major issue of an entrepreneur. However, the challenge is on how well an entrepreneur has positioned his products and services for public acceptance. In this present economy, people are still dealing in mega projects.”

He acknowledged that entrepreneurs have understood the role of strategic digital marketing, stating that most of them are unaware of effective digital marketing.

“To some, digital marketing ends with having their products and services on social media pages and at the end, they complain that it is not working for them. Having social media pages is not enough in digital marketing. What we do is result oriented. Most participants are happy because we have delivered predictable and consistent sales for entrepreneurs who participate at the bootcamp, ”he said.

One of the participants, lead investment consultant, 24/7 Global Properties Limited, Mr. Fredrick Emuekhare said, “I used to think I knew it all but attending the bootcamp, I realized that a lot needs to be done in terms of sales.

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