Educationist And Marketing Entrepreneur Vaibhav Gupta Is Pushing Forward Growth In The Crypto And Blockchain

It is so astounding to know and read more about all those industries that have been on a constant growth pedestal. Have you ever wondered what could have been the reasons or factors that might have led these industries to gain exponential success? Well, among a myriad of factors, no one can deny how a few astute professionals and entrepreneurs bring in great innovations to up the game of their respective fields and inspire greatness in the same. We couldn’t help but notice the remarkable rise of the digital financial industry in the digital realm that produced some of the finest brands, businesses, and platforms that today are pushing forward growth in the crypto and blockchain sectors. Contributing heavily to the industry is one such outstanding Indian entrepreneurial talent, educationist, and marketer named Vaibhav Gupta, the man behind DesiCrypto, which today runs as the 1st Guerilla Marketing Agency for Cryptocurrency in India.

The team at DesiCrypto has yet again garnered headlines, and this time for the many meet-ups they have been arranging across India. Through these meet-ups, they are trying to reach as many people as possible to spread awareness and the right kind of insights and knowledge regarding the field and the potential that crypto projects have. DesiCrypto has organised over 20 meet-ups in India within 3 months as Vaibhav considers this is a way to give back to the community. Over the years, the world noticed the rise of several professionals working across different fields, especially in the marketing realm, to promote varied brands, businesses, and people. However, Vaibhav Gupta, by initiating DesiCrypto, took a step forward by launching a digital marketing agency that caters to crypto professionals and entrepreneurs through promoting and pushing their crypto projects forward towards more prominence in the industry.

Very few people thought of turning marketers for the crypto and the blockchain world, and Vaibhav Gupta’s name tops the list. He is a young Indian business owner who believes in the crypto space and has taken several crypto projects towards excellent growth and success. His success has motivated people to learn more about the industry and the many ways to earn from it without making any investments. He has employed more than 25 youngsters in his agency and trained 70+ youths to work and earn in the field.

There is so much Vaibhav Gupta (Twitter -@vaibhavgupta512) has done and so much more he is aiming to achieve in the near future with DesiCrypto

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