Entrepreneur Milind Pote fed more than 5,000 families during pandemic

Covid – 19 outbreak has been the most difficult time for everyone. This whole pandemic has made people suffer on many levels, and few had to lose everything over this entire situation. But where everyone was suffering from various struggles, few people emerged as Covid Warriors in these tough times to help others despite their struggles. One such Covid Warrior is entrepreneur Milind Pote from Aurangabad. He has been there for people like a strong pillar to support them in such times.

Despite working in the hotel industry and earning respect and success, entrepreneur Milind Pote is still a down to earth person and is connected to his roots. During the pandemic, when many people were not able to survive, Milind distributed food and water to more than five thousand families in Aurangabad. Milind Pote has distributed Arsenic albums and 5kg packets of grains like wheat and sorghum to these families. He has also distributed life essentials to many. When he stands for society, he is as selfless as one can be. He is very aware of his social responsibilities and is always ready to help the needy whenever he can. We usually hear ‘Charity begins at home, but in Milind Pote’s case, it’s different. He believes in giving and helping people without any expectations in return. This quality makes him stand out from his peers. His selfless social work has been recognised as well; He has won Surya Gaurav National Award for the same.

Milind Pote is an entrepreneur who started his business with a small café, and soon it expanded into a chain of quick-service restaurants and has a monopoly now. He became one of the best in this sector in no time. He has also established the biggest game zone not only in Aurangabad but also in the Marathwada region, Game X ! Apart from being a successful and creative businessman, he stood meritorious in the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) and several other competitive exams. His innovative ideas have always brought a fresh and productive improvement to the city. He has not grown alone, but at the same time, he always made sure to help the local businesses as well to grow.

Entrepreneur Milind Pote has always been an inspiration to young businessmen and entrepreneurs. His work has always been worth idolising, whether his business or his social work. He balances both his businesses and social work effortlessly. Pandemic has been the most difficult time for everyone, but Milind Pote has made sure to help and reach out to people in these times.

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