Feds in California arrest popular entrepreneur on interstate pot trafficking, gun possession charges

SACRAMENTO — Federal prosecutors have filed marijuana trafficking and gun possession charges against a popular social media influencer who runs a luxury car rental business in Illinois, court records show.

Kamil Misztal, 31, was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and possessing more than 100 pounds of marijuana with intent to distribute. He was released from federal custody May 16 on a $100,000 bond, three days after arranging to turn himself in on the federal arrest warrant.

Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Brian Nehring wrote in the criminal complaint that federal authorities began investigating Misztal last October, based on the suspicion he was arranging for marijuana to be transported from California to Illinois.

“I received information that Misztal lived outside of California in Illinois where he ran an exotic vehicle rental business ‘I-94 Exotics.’ I also received information that Misztal regularly travelled to California to obtain multiple, 100-pound quantities of marijuana and then transported the marijuana back to Illinois for distribution,” Nehring wrote.

On Oct. 27, agents raided a Roseville home where Misztal was believed to be staying, seized roughly $28,000 in cash, approximately 140 pounds of marijuana in one-pound bags, and a pistol that Misztal was prohibited from possessing due to a 2007 burglary conviction, according to the complaint.

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