Garner alleges lack of investment in Desert Highlands by Palm Springs council

Palm Springs Police Chief Andrew Mills speaks during a neighborhood town hall about crime in Desert Highland Gateway Estates on Wednesday, May 24, 2022.

Palm Springs Mayor Pro-Tem Grace Garner called for Desert Highland Gateway Estates residents to put pressure on the Palm Springs City Council to up its investment in the community after a tense meeting that repeatedly laid bare longstanding tensions between Palm Springs Police and residents of the neighborhood about what to do about crime and other problems in the area. 

“We do not have enough people on our City Council right now who are willing to invest $7 million in this community, so we have to go out to everyone else to get that money…,” said Garner, whose district includes the Desert Highlands Gateway Estates neighborhood. “I am going to get in big trouble for saying this and everyone is going to get mad at me for saying this but we need to put pressure on the entire City Council to make the investments in this community going forward. And we cannot say it is the school district’s responsibility [or] it is the police’s responsibility. It is everyone’s responsibility and we have to work together to do it.” 

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