Haitian-owned insurance companies hosts Haitian Flag day festival, sharing culture with the community

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SEAFORD, Del. – May is Haitian heritage month and One Way Insurance Group, a Haitian-owned insurance company teamed up with Jeffery Benson Haitian Coalition for Haitian Flag day festivities.

The event was complete with vendors, music, food, and resources for the community. Kids got a chance to learn about the culture, and make crafts while the adults got health screenings, and vaccinations, and made connections with other Haitian or black-owned businesses.

Gertha ‘Gigi’ Jean, Co-founder of the company says they’re committed to helping the growing Haitian population while also introducing Haitian culture to the community. “We wanted to be a bridge to connect everyone to the Haitian culture because there are so many resources out there but because of the language barrier, a lot of people don’t know about it,” says Jean. She adds, “We just want to go ahead and just let everybody know, and have an experience, I mean we have the best food! Just the community coming together just to celebrate the event is awesome.”

The official Haitian flag day is Wednesday, May 18th.

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