How Robots are Creating a 2X More Profitable Pizzeria

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America doesn’t just want its pizza. It needs it. Americans eat three billion pizzas every year, creating a market worth more than $53 billion.


The only trouble is traditional pizzerias squeeze by on paper-thin profit margins. Enter Piestro, a robotic pizzeria that can help business owners double their profits.

Piestro is here to meet America’s growing demand for pizza. Their robotic technology can serve up made-to-order, artisanal pies in just three minutes. Piestro’s automated pods can go just about anywhere you can fit a vending machine and are ready to bake a fresh made pizza 24/7/365.

That means businesses can bring fresh pizzas to where people want them the most at a fraction of the cost of opening a traditional pizzeria. And businesses are lining up to use Piestro’s technology already. 800 Degrees Pizza, the international pizza brand by renowned chef Anthony Carron, and Carbone Restaurant Group are planning to use Piestro to fuel their expansion.

The reason is simple. Piestro is helping restaurants make more money than they could before.

While the delicious pizza itself wins customers over, the real advantage to owners is the drastic cost decrease. Opening a restaurant comes with expensive leases and a payroll of cooks, workers, delivery drivers, and much more. Piestro’s automation makes opening a new location a breeze.

Case in point, the average restaurant takes from nine to 12 months and about $375,000 to get on its feet. A Piestro location can be up and running in as little as two weeks for only about $75,000.

That helps successful businesses expand even faster. Piestro’s white-labeled machines can be tailored to any restaurant’s pizza-making brand, allowing owners to easily expand without the enormous costs of opening a second or third location. That’s more money in owners’ pockets.

It’s why 800 Degrees Pizza is pre-ordering a projected 3,600 pods worth an estimated $530 million. Imagine the potential when even more brands use Piestro to expand their franchises globally.

Now here’s the best part: You’ve got a chance to invest in Piestro on the ground floor. Just click here to learn more about Piestro’s potential and buy shares today.

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