How Self-Made Digital Entrepreneur And Social Media Expert Himanshu Seth Built A Fortune Out Of An Unconventional Field

Seasoned entrepreneur Jim Rohn once said, “Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune”. We, as human beings, are said to be born entrepreneurs. From inventing the first tire made of stone to efficient systems, we have always been motivated to innovate and thus build a fortune for ourselves. Himanshu Seth is one such example who believed in his dreams and made them come true through self-learning and unwavering commitment.

Himanshu was dedicated to keeping learning and testing his learning through practice from a young age. When he came across the potential of digital marketing, he knew he was meant to be in the domain. After spending long hours learning the intricacies of digital media platforms, it was time for him to implement his learnings in real-life challenges. He left his job after working for 7-8 months and

Hailing from a small village ‘Chandouri’ in the Giridih District of Jharkhand, he is one of the first people in his area to excel in the field of digital marketing. With next to no readily available exposure, he faced multiple challenges on his way to becoming an ace digital marketer.

However, the zeal to achieve his goals, pushed him to keep refining his skill sets and build his name in the industry. His hard work and commitment paid off within a year’s after acquiring prominent digital marketing skills through self-study and hands on training, today he has built more than 100 million audiences on the popular social media website Facebook. Today, the Computer-science engineering graduated From Durgapur Institute Of Advance Technology And Management (DIATM) has become a role model for many who wish to follow his footsteps and become a rising stalwart.

When asked about his journey, he says, “Digital Marketing as a career is one of the most promising avenues. Having served so many clients, it gives me immense pleasure to live my dream. My parents, especially my father, Bhim Ram, has played a crucial role in this journey, and I strive to make them proud. My parents never forced me to pursue anything out of my will. Their relentless support and sacrifices enabled me to do better each day.”

This Young Entrepreneur has bagged big projects to work with many celebrities, singers and actors to manage their digital presence. He also manages pages of various leading companies to help them grow their presence digitally. Himanshu Seth closely working with many India’s Top Youtubers.

In the future, the visionary seeks to widen the ambit of services as a leading global digital marketer and is planning to improvise the current practices to establish his expertise. The perseverance and success achieved by Himanshu is testimony that with a desire to stand out of the crowd, one can become an inspiration.

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