Insurance companies should fund universal driver’s ed

Aaliyah Hunt, senior at Pathways High School, speaks at the Universal Driver Education Campaign that would provide affordable driver education for all eligible high school students in Milwaukee on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at Milwaukee City Hall in Milwaukee, Wis.

At 17, Aaliyah Hunt is running a tight schedule: attending Pathways High by day, sometimes shepherding her sister to school first, and then working five-hour shifts in the evenings to help her family pay bills and save for college – and to pay for her own bus tickets. 

She does it all without a car, relying on buses when her mom can’t give her rides. 

“I have an autistic sister and sometimes her (school) bus doesn’t come, so I have to take her to school on the city bus,” Hunt said. “That can make me up to two hours late for school.” 

A driver’s license would be “life changing,” she said, estimating she would save 5-6 hours per week. But the cost of driver’s education is out of reach. 

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