Insurance Department’s New Inclusion Officer Wants More ‘People at the Table’

Kristin Campanelli Credit: Contributed photo / Kristin Campanelli

At 37 years old, Kristin Campanelli said she has seen progress when it comes to diversifying the workforce, and she wants to be part of making it even more inclusive as the state Department of Insurance’s new inclusion officer.

“I have seen improvements for sure,” Campanelli said. “When I was young, I remember hearing stories. My mom would share stories at our dinner table about things she saw going on at the workplace and times she was passed over for promotions. Things like that had a profound impact on me as a child. She would tell me how she was working to be part of the solution and I knew that I had to work to be part of the solution because women and other groups of folks deserve to be at the table and I think the table is better for having those people there.” 

Campanelli said Insurance Commissioner Andrew N. Mais has made the issue of race and inclusion a big priority on a national level as well as for the department itself. He has established an Inclusion Council, which Campanelli now chairs.

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