Insurance needed for city ice rink

Purchase of an ice skating rink by McMinnville Tourism Development Board is awaiting insurance coverage approval. 

“Because Tourism Development Board is, in fact, an instrumentality of the city, its activity should fall under the immunity statute that municipalities in Tennessee enjoy – subject to maximum damage awards that are defined by statute, not to exceed $300,000,” said city attorney Tim Pirtle.

Public Entity Partners covers the city of McMinnville for approved activities or insured activities up to that statutory limit. The question of whether an ice skating rink will be covered has been asked of PEP and is awaiting response.

That information was shared during the last TDB meeting.

Members approved the purchase of a 1,800-square-foot, portable synthetic ice skating rink from Xtraice Rinks. Its bid was $59,999 for a refurbished rink. That price also comes with a sharpening machine, shelves for skates, a cleaning machine, 80 pairs of skates and other accessories.

Pirtle was also asked to review the contract. 

“In terms of the contract, there’s not anything I think you can do about it. The contract is subject to the laws in Deville, Spain. That’s where the seller has its main office. You’re literally buying this product, from a legal standpoint, on faith, your due diligence and research with other vendors who have transacted business with the same company,” Pirtle said. 

Christy Ross expressed her belief that both administrator Dayron Deaton Owens and chair Sarah Cantrell took reasonable steps in evaluating the company and its products. 

“I think Dayron has done due diligence, as had Sarah, on the other partners that have used this skating rink,” said Ross. “I, personally, feel good about it.” 

Pirtle said, “It’s nice to hear that someone nearby has purchased the product or rented the product and has given it two thumbs up.” 

Once obtained, McMinnville Tourism Development Board intends to place the ice skating rink on The Lot during downtown activities.

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