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MADISON — If Madison County employees find they don’t have enough insurance, it is unlikely it will be for a lack of companies trying.

Earlier this week, the Madison County Board of Commissioners were approached by Jacob LeClair of Globe Family Life Heritage Division to determine if the county would provide a list of employee names for life insurance and other products.

LeClair said his company works with a lot of businesses and groups like counties.

“We really love working with counties because there are a lot of employees and that means there are a lot of people who need us,” LeClair said.

And along with the health insurance the county provides, at least three insurance companies have been authorized to contact employees to sell insurance products. Globe Family would be the fourth.

LeClair said there still are probably employees who do not have any insurance because those companies are not a good fit for them. Every employee has a different need, he said.

LeClair said his company provides insurance coverage for accidents, cancer and life. The big benefit is that if employees don’t use the policy, they get back 100% of the premiums “so it turns into a savings account,” he said.

The company can go through the county’s payroll department but does not need to. Everything is individual and there is no cost to the county.

LeClair said he would like to have the county provide a list of employees and permission from the county board to talk to them. There is no open enrollment period as sign up can be anytime.

In order to get the premiums back, the person must pay the policy for 25 years. The company also will return any premiums in excess of claims paid after that period, he said.

Troy Uhlir, county board chairman, said he isn’t sure what the employees will think — whether they want their names given out. It can be a difficult situation to have one’s name given out to a solicitor, he said.

“It’s not just you, but we need to talk about all of them (insurance companies),” Uhlir said.

It might be that the county provides the employees with the insurance company names and contacts, then leaves it up to the employee to contact the companies.

Commissioner Ron Schmidt said his concern is that at some point, the insurance companies split up the pool of employees so much that none of them make enough money to keep offering the product. Then the employees who liked the product are out.

Anne Pruss, county clerk, said in the past, the county board had stipulations that all insurance discussions had to be completed on the employees’ time and not paid time.

LeClair said he would agree with that.

Commissioners said they would get some opinions from employees and contact LeClair to let him know if the county would be providing employee names.

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