Meet Manpreet Kohli, An Entrepreneur, Hustler And Not Your Regular Businessman

Success comes with age and years of experience! What are your thoughts on this matter? If you are optimistic about this, you should listen to Manpreet Kohli’s story. He is someone who has been playing these games for a very long time. This knowledgeable person not only understands the business world but also co-founded one of the largest Defi project, Saitama Inu. 

Manpreet Kholi a.k.a Mkay, started his journey into the business world started early. After completing his Bachelor’s degree from Delhi University in International Business, Mkay set sail on his entrepreneurial journey and started his first trading business in 2001. Yes! Almost 20 years ago, he started employing his wisdom and insights in business. Today, there are numerous entrepreneurs who nudge us to become one, and Mkay is no different.

We are confident that it is his powerful inclination toward this managerial and financial world that brought Mkay close to being a successful businessman. 

After being an advisor for over 10 projects, Manpreet not only co-founded Saitama in 2021 but also raised the company to almost 3 billion in market-cap along with an army of 350k token holders, who they call as the Wolfpacks. Mkay has played a key role numerous time in making Saitama a successful project. Many people admire him for his understanding of the financial world.

Mkay’s preference for the highs and lows of business has always pushed him to dive deeper into the corporate world. He started learning about blockchain and crypto in 2015, and then he entered this industry. Mkay first served as a key advisor on many crypto projects in 2016 and some of which are valued at over $50 billion today.

With an experience of more than 15 years in various fields of international trade, Fintech, cyber security, and tech-backed projects, Mkay has come out as a serious entrepreneur. While the majority of the population is still foreign to these words, this erudite man is serving as a guiding light to several.

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