Rapper And Serial Entrepreneur D The Business Releases “Back To Business” As The Next Major Mogul In Hip-Hop  

Rapper, Actor, Serial Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Agent D The Business has become one of the most prominent up-and-coming artists and businessmen out of Houston, Texas, by way of Missouri City. He is progressively defining what it means to be a Hip Hop mogul by founding numerous businesses. After a brief hiatus, he is actively returning to music with the release of his new project, “Back To Business,” and is prepared to advance his career majorly. With every move, he is making strides at dominating both business and mainstream entertainment.

He has demonstrated his never-give-up determination to achieve over the course of his two decades of expertise and loyal dedication to his creative career and entrepreneurial activities. D The Business was formerly known as Lil’ D when he first gained fame at the age of just 10 as a young street rapper in the early 2000s alongside his cousin Romeo Miller (formerly Lil’ Romeo) after signing with the iconic label No Limit Records, which was founded by his cousin, Master P.

In 2011, D The Business and his brother Black Don founded L.I.E. Entertainment (Loyalty Is Everything), one of Houston’s premier independent labels. Being vertically integrated became an acquired skill for the rapper throughout the years because he was personally involved in many facets of his career.

With a ton of new music prepared and slated for release and the beginning of new business initiatives, the sought-after musician is currently on a fast track to moving from the sidelines to headliner status. His most recent freestyles, including the song

“Flex” has been generating buzz on his @DTheBusiness social media profiles.

D The Business takes a mogul-style approach to the music industry and values having a broad portfolio. The former member of the Rich Boyz group, who has familial connections to the entertainment industry, has a history of being an independent artist featured on prominent networks such as BET, VH1, and MTV, to mention a few, including a notable appearance in the 2007 released film Uncle P.

We anticipate D The Business to continue on his upward trajectory, and we are eager to witness his forthcoming power moves, given that his catalog has already received more than a million streams organically with no major marketing.

Follow D The Business: https://www.instagram.com/dthebusiness

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