Spiros Margaris and CAT Financial Products launch fintech value investment solution

Spiros Margaris has announced partnering with financial services company CAT Financial Products (CATFP) to enable investors to invest in global fintech companies. 

CAT Financial Products is a Switzerland-based provider of investment solutions and technologies in the market of structured products. Spiros Margaris is a venture capitalist and fintech influencer. He founded Margaris Ventures, a Venture Capitalist company. The new investment product on the “Margaris No.1 Fintech Value Basket” now offers investors access to insights into this industry.

Together with the product specialists from CATFP, Spiros Margaris selects a selection of around 25 global companies with influence on the fintech industry, which have growth potential and a stable business model. Both the investment style and the investment rate can be adjusted to the general market and economic conditions. On June 1, 2022, Spiros Margaris will be the keynote speaker at the CAT Investors Day, providing an outlook on the future of the fintech industry and officially presenting the new investment solution.

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