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State pension age changes mean men and women can now expect to retire at the same age of 66. Previously, the state pension age for women was 60, while men could traditionally retire at 65.

Some women born in the 1950s impacted by the change said they were not provided with ample notice or communication about the matter.

One woman named Angela, from Manchester, called in to the Jeremy Vine show, and touched upon how she has been affected. 

Angela decided to claim Carer’s Allowance to help look after her brother-in-law, and felt comfortable in doing so, as she stated she would receive her pension “in July”.

However, she then received a letter from the DWP telling her this carer’s payment would be stopped, as she was now entitled to her state pension.

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“My pension is now worth £463.90. I paid in to get the full pension!

“If I don’t look after him, who is going to? I have to go around at the drop of a hat sometimes.

“Why should I stand the cost of his washing, his ironing, his cooking, his cleaning, and taking him to all his medical appointments?”

Many women born in the 1950s have argued they have faced similar financial dilemmas due to state pension age changes.

This is because the women assert they were provided with “inadequate or no notice” of these alterations.

The group has called upon the Government to agree “fair and fast compensation” for the women impacted.

This, it said, would reflect financial and social losses these women state they have faced.

A DWP spokesperson previously told “We support millions of people every year and our priority is ensuring they get the help and support to which they are entitled. 

“The Government decided over 25 years ago that it was going to make the state pension age the same for men and women as a long-overdue move towards gender equality.

“Both the High Court and Court of Appeal have supported the actions of the DWP, under successive governments dating back to 1995, and the Supreme Court refused the claimants permission to appeal.”

The Jeremy Vine Show appears weekdays at 9:15am on Channel 5. 

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