Want To Be A Successful Entrepreneur? Hitesh Thawani’s Skills And Business Can Be Your Inspiration

We all dream of owning a business rather than being an employee, don’t we? But achieving the same is an uphill battle. However, if you still possess a few business traits, then taking inspiration from Hitesh Thawani could help you become a successful entrepreneur.

Dubai-based businessman Hitesh Thawani is the mastermind behind Precious Paws. This company is held in high regard for the top-tier services that they offer for pet animals. Now if you are wondering how Hitesh Thawani’s entrepreneurship can guide you, we ought to tell you that he is worth his salt and how!

Don’t you think that successful businesses run on unique ideas? We are 100% confident about it and Hitesh’s business proves this right. The entrepreneur had had a huge heart for animals since his childhood, and turning that into a business was a masterstroke. He opened a pet spa and boutique that offers aromatherapy and hydrotherapy to pets. Hitesh’s business also offers quality products for pets.

Precious Paws is an award-winning Thai-themed pet boutique that also delivers products to various countries. Hitesh Thawani took the risk of proposing this unique idea. Without any certainty of being victorious or not, he embarked on his journey. This enlightens us on the risk-bearing quality of an entrepreneur.

Hitesh Thawani became an entrepreneur at the age of 22, proving that success and business know no age. During the lockdown, his company saw a huge downfall. Their walk-in was reduced to zero. Using his vigilance and quick decision-making skills, Hitesh Thawani introduced digital consultation and grooming of pets. The entrepreneur not only added two more employees to his business but also didn’t curtail the salaries of his employees.


All these instances reflect the excellent and true entrepreneur qualities that Hitesh Thawani has. He earns profits and also completes his duties toward society as a businessman. Hitesh is an ideal entrepreneur whose adept skills can motivate many rising businessmen.

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