Who is responsible for damage after power outage? It depends

While at my gym recently, a friend was updating others about some problems at her West Akron house. She and a few neighbors sustained a lot of electrical damage inside their homes a few months ago after a power outage.  

When the electricity came back on, she’s not sure exactly what happened, but the damage to her house has cost her about $10,000, she estimates. She hopes to recoup much of that through insurance but is still wading her way through the process. 

Betty Lin-Fisher

“The electrician said he’d never seen an electric box fried like that,” she said. She also had to replace a pump in her hot tub and the electrical panel of her stove. Half of her lights on her first floor still don’t work.

Some of the work needed to done right away, while the rest is pending a review by her insurance company for extensive rewiring in her walls, she said. 

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